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Ceramics Blog

collective exhibition women transiting

Collective Exhibition: Women Transiting

The collective exhibition Women Transiting  (Dones Transitant) is curated by Noemí Morral, Sarah Barka and Margarida Assis.  Women travel the world creating their own way; knowledge networks, solidarity, art, life … And in this transit many lose their lives to defend their ideas, their bodies and their territory. In this exhibition we will be accompanied …

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use decorative plates in interior design

How to Use Decorative Ceramic Plates in Your Interior Design

As a clay artist, there’s a lot I could say about plates. They’re a deceptively important object in the kitchen and any connoisseur of handmade pottery knows that not all ceramic plates are created equal. While I do love functional ceramics for everyday use, today there’s another kind of ceramic plate I want to talk …

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open studios poblenou 2019

Open Studios Poblenou 2019

The Tallers Oberts, or Open Studios, of PobleNou consists of four days in which the artistic spaces of Barcelona’s most creative neighborhood open their doors to the general public. The workshops offer a schedule of activities so that the visitors can get to know the artists’ work in a more profound way. The activities include …

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clay artist amelia johannsen

An Artist Uncovered

I was recently invited to participate in an online interview to share my experience as a clay artist. The interview is with ABM Wholesale Indonesia; a new company specializing in one-of-a-kind, handcrafted home decor, kitchen and dining ware. They asked some very important questions, such as, what is the role of an artist in today’s …

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ancient peruvian pottery

Culture & Craft: Discovering Peruvian Pottery

Discovering new art—especially pottery— is an important part of my experience when I travel. On a recent trip I spent time perusing Peruvian pottery from the Incas and other indigenous cultures. Their artwork inspired new reflections on the important links between craft, culture and storytelling. They’re links worth preserving! Craft as storytelling People all over …

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An Artists' Odyssey ebook

An Artist’s Odyssey: Chasing Ghosts, Masters and The Business of Art, by Alan Pierce

Alan Pierce has recently published An Artists’ Odyssey, an e-book that provides insight and perspective into the joys and challenges of being a professional artist. Alan was kind enough to invite me to contribute a few words of advice for aspiring creatives. Alan has been a professional artist and private art instructor for over 20 …

An Artist’s Odyssey: Chasing Ghosts, Masters and The Business of Art, by Alan Pierce Read More »

Moroccan Pottery in Safi

Moroccan Pottery from Safi

At first glance, there isn’t a lot of tourist appeal to Safi. Located on the rugged Atlantic Coastline, Safi never became a popular seaside town for sunbathers and surfers. There is a large, industrialized fishing port with sardine canneries, textile plants and a chemical phosphate plant just south of the city. In front of the …

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Fang cuit ceramics festival

Fang Cuit 2018 – Ceramics Festival in La Bisbal D’empordà

This August I took a trip to La Bisbal D’empordà, about two hours North of Barcelona along the Costa Brava of Northern Spain. Each summer the Bisbal Ceramics School puts together a ceramics festival called Fang Cuit (meaning “cooked clay”). The festival offers six days of conferences, exhibitions, demonstrations and performances. It’s all about learning, …

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