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Amelia Johannsen is a self-taught ceramic artist and craftswoman based in Barcelona, Spain. She creates both fine art and sculptural pieces as well as functional pottery for everyday use. Amelia strives to explore her creative limits with clay while at the same time maintaining a grounded practice based on tradition and craft.

Ceramics has played an integral part in Amelia’s life ever since she started playing with clay in Portland, Oregon, USA when she was 7 years old. It was the one activity she returned to time and time again, even while pursuing more traditional career paths.

Since her shift to a professional career in the Ceramic Arts in 2017, Amelia's artwork has appeared in numerous art exhibitions in Barcelona as well as in House and Garden Magazine in the UK, AMB in Indonesia, and Made in Barcelona, The Weekly Mag, FrikiFish and Navigant in Spain.

Amelia’s artwork celebrates the vitality and flow in feminine energy—venerating curvaceous female forms and fertility symbols. She skillfully shapes faces, forms, landscapes and visions, transporting viewers to another place and time.

Her profound connection with nature shines through in her work, combining contemporary design with colors and textures found in the great outdoors. She creates wild scenes from roaring beaches and hidden corners from pristine forests, reminding us that nature is never far away.

amelia j creations ceramic artist barcelona

"My journey to becoming a ceramic artist started at a community center in Portland, Oregon, where I grew up. I felt a strong connection with clay from a very young age.

I studied Communications and Spanish at the University of California, Davis and spent my early twenties traveling and working freelance. I made a new home for myself in Barcelona, Spain in 2005.

Today, I work at the 137° Ceramic Art Studio, a shared workspace in the Poble Nou district. I make hand-built and wheel-thrown pottery, sculpture and jewelry. When my pieces break, I make mosaics.

You’re welcome to get in touch and make an appointment to come by the studio. I also share stories about my experiences as a ceramic artist in Barcelona on my blog."

Where to buy

Contemporary ceramic art is available at the online store or at Amelia's studio.
You can buy her functional pottery on Etsy and the following shop locations.


137° Artistic Studio
Calle de Llull 256
08005 Barcelona
(Pls make an appointment.)

noThrow design
Carrer del Diluvi, 4,
08012 Barcelona

Flora Vertical
Carrer de Marià Aguiló 119, Local 2,
08005 Barcelona



Plaza Nova, 7
Ciutadella de Menorca
07760 Menorca


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