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Hello, I'm Amelia—a ceramic artist who's passionate about creating meaningful objects in a disposable world. I share my story of creativity and craftsmanship through handmade ceramic vessels and sculptures.

I use various ceramic techniques; mainly wheel-throwing, sculpting and hand modeling. My designs incorporate rustic and minimalist styles inspired by nature. Each piece is handmade from start to finish in my studio in Barcelona.

For inquiries on purchasing my artwork, please get in touch.

ceramic sculpture amelia johannsen portland OR


My journey to becoming a ceramic artist in Barcelona started at a community center in Portland, Oregon, where I grew up. I felt a strong connection with clay from a very young age.

I studied Communications and Spanish at the University of California, Davis and spent my early twenties traveling and working freelance. I made a new home for myself in Barcelona, Spain in 2005.

In Barcelona

I work at the 137° Ceramic Art Studio, a shared workspace in the Poble Nou district. I make hand-built and wheel-thrown pottery, sculpture and jewelry. When my pieces break, I make mosaics.

You’re welcome to get in touch and make an appointment to come by the studio.

I also share stories about my experiences as a ceramic artist in Barcelona on my blog.

amelia j creations ceramic artist barcelona
Amelia Johannsen ceramic artist in barcelona


Nature plays an important role in my artwork. I was very lucky to grow up in Oregon—a stunning natural environment. From a very early age I found comfort and peace in the woods or on the river. Today, I continue to enjoy peace and quiet in the comfort of nature. In my day-to-day I feel most connected with my hands deep in clay.

That said, sustainable and conscious living are important to me. I want to make lasting objects that will be treasured.

I feel very connected to the slow movement in all of its facets. Ceramics is slow art. There’s no rushing clay.

More creative projects

FrikiFish is a creative blog exploring art and other aspects of visual culture in Barcelona. My mission is to connect talented independent artists with art-lovers and students who value craft, quality and originality. I write about emerging contemporary art and under-known artists, events and exhibitions, reviews and local art news.

FrikiFish Creative blog

Adventures in Art, Barcelona & Beyond...

I love to travel and find new inspiration from the world around me. New cities and cultures provide me with different perspectives and opportunities for growth. I write about my adventures in my blog. See Ceramics around the world...


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