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ceramic dinnerware

Rustic kitchen

Dinnerware, serving and storage. Natural shapes and earthy tones.

blue pottery barcelona dinner plates

Blue Pottery

Studio pottery inspired by my favorite color.

amelia johannsen sand and sea collection

Sand & Sea Collection

Inspiration from the Mediterranean.

earthen roots collection in process

Earthen Roots

“This oak tree and me, we're made of the same stuff."
― Carl Sagan

Ceramic Olive Dish

Artistic Olives

The perfect gift for olive lovers.

Raku and Pit fire ceramics

Raku and Pit Fire Ceramics

Ancient techniques applied to modern pottery.

Handmade Pottery

My first experiments with clay were on the potter's wheel in Portland, OR when I was seven years old. It was love at first touch and I continued spending Tuesday nights making ceramics for many years. My parents' house was filled with masks on the walls and unique tableware.

I love to experiment with different types of clay and building techniques. Lately, I'm exploring more fine art ceramics and sculpture. Yet at some point, I'm always drawn back to the wheel to make something functional for the kitchen, home or garden. I find great satisfaction in the daily use of hand crafted pottery.

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