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ceramics workshop cuerda seca and mocha diffusion

Cuerda Seca & Mocha Diffusion Online Workshop

In this online workshop I walk you through a bit of background, the ingredients and techniques for two very different clay decoration techniques: Cuerda Seca (also known as dry cord) and Mocha Diffusion.

Inca Visions Decorative Plate

The Cuerda Seca ("dry cord" in English) technique was first used in central Asia in the 14th century. The water-soluble glazes are separated on the surface by thin lines of oil and pigment. This allows you to create intricate designs without the glazes running together. This decoration technique was commonly used for tiles and in decorative pieces.

ceramics workshop mocha diffusion decoration technique

Mocha Diffusion is a chemical reaction between an alkali clay body and an acidic component that results in stunning, organic designs that are reminiscent of dendrite formations, or the roots from plants and trees. With very little set-up and time you can get achieve outstanding designs.

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